Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie

christina-grimmieOn Friday the 10th June 2016 YouTube sensation and previous “The Voice” contestant Christina Grimmie was shot and killed while signing autographs for fans after a gig in Orlando.  You can read more details about the incident on the BBC News Site

During my 37 years on this planet I’ve heard news reports of probably hundreds of thousands of people being killed, several of those people were people I was aware of, Michael Jackson and Princess Diana to name a couple. However none of those reports have affected me to the extent that this one has. I find myself tearing up when listening to some of her songs or watching her videos on YouTube and I’m not sure why.

I’ve followed her career for a couple of years now and always enjoyed listening to her sing, whether original songs or covers. However I am not a hard core fan, had never watched her perform live and didn’t follow her on any other social media sites.

As a father myself, it would be easy to assume that my grief is due to how I would feel should either of my boys be murdered, the Will Smith movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” always makes me cry as a father. However I’ve watched countless reports of Syrian children dying on the treacherous crossings from Turkey to Greece. There are some truly harrowing accounts which obviously are difficult to digest but have not affected me in the same way.

I’m not the sort of person who puts more value on a life because someone is famous, I believe all life is precious and should be treated the same. No matter what the creed/colour/religion/sexual orientaion/etc.. of the individual.

The night following Christina’s murder, again in Orlando, there were over 100 people shot with 50 killed, such a tragic waste of life.

Orlando 12 JUNE 2016

This leaves me wondering if I am simply despairing at the state of humanity on our beautiful planet and the amount of hate that is shoved in our faces every day. Whether it is bullying at school, fatal shootings, people fleeing their country due to war, politicians throwing mud at each other or simple online trolls there is a never ending source of negativity touching our lives.

If you’re reading this, first of all thanks for taking the time, try and make a difference to someone’s life today. Give your family a hug, tell someone how wonderful they are or just give a stranger a smile.

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